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Jimmy started his career in gaming through his company FT Empire LLC, where he advised non-endemic talent and partners and successfully bridged the gap between gaming and non-gaming clients. Through this consultancy group, FT Empire, Jimmy worked with some of the biggest names in video games and entertainment. He has since filled roles in business development, brand strategy and talent/community management for leagues, developers, agencies and more.

Jimmy's first project in gaming was creating the brand: ICEBRKRSCLAN. ICE created, grew, affiliated with, and acquired various micro influencer social media pages ranging from 10k followers to 1M across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. Jimmy applied the strength of ICE in consulting for mobile game developer Wizard Labs. As head of user acquisition and strategy, he grew Wizard’s A.I. platform to 10,000 closed alpha users, and over 250,000 subscribers.

In 2018, through FT Empire, Jimmy represented Apple Music's head of content in a series of deals with FaZe Clan, culminating in a Series A contribution as well as in the massively popular Travis Scott x Fortnite event “Astronomical.” In this time, he also advised high profile entertainment properties represented by a prestigious Beverly Hills law firm as a consultant in business development and brand strategy. He signed platinum selling rappers Nahmir and Chief Keef’s Glory Navy Gaming to tournament streaming agreements. He also participated in the business development of esports projects for 21 Savage and Instagram celebrity BoyWithNoJob.

In 2019, alongside investors and founders from FaZe Clan, Jimmy co-founded a nonprofit collegiate esports league: the NACL. Their content is now globally distributed through partnerships with ReachTV, iSunTV and Huomao. The NACL’s partners include David Meltzer of Sports 1 Marketing, Lawrence Chia of Deloitte, and Mark Cuban’s 3 Commas Clothing.

In 2020, through FT Empire, Jimmy consulted for a creative agency to build their brand: UPROXX EDGE in partnership with GameStop and American Eagle. EDGE launched with a 5-hour livestream event promoting mental health and featuring Team Liquid, GamerDoc, Cam Akers of the L.A. Rams, Derwin James of the L.A. Chargers, Jess Brohard, USC, UCLA, UC Irvine, and more. As director of talent, Jimmy successfully sourced all participants, created a run of show, and executive produced the event.

Prior to working in gaming, Jimmy was a successful civil litigation attorney for over 7 years.

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"To be truly happy I need to immerse myself in the only industry I care to live, die, and respawn in."

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George R.R. Martin once said, “a reader lives 1,000 lifetimes.”

A gamer does that and more. Over the years, I have lived through my favorite characters such as Nathan Drake, Commander Shepard, and Ezio Auditore.

Whether it was a FPS like Halo, or an MMO-RPG like World of Warcraft, video games have always taken a hold of me.

When you end up buying Drew Karpyshyn’s Mass Effect and Star Wars novels, you realize this isn’t a hobby, it’s your calling...and when you drop $20 on a skin in Fortnite... that’s when you realize you may have a problem.